Mocha Diffusion Hand Thrown Goblets

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Mocha Diffusion Red Tones These mugs came about this summer as a result of experimentation with a fun, and sometimes frustrating process, called Mocha Diffusion. (~Reference information below.) The goblets were made and dried to "leather hard" and fired to bisque... The goblets were then dipped in slip and a mixture of color oxides and [...]

Is the eagle claiming the sky or is your heart held in place??



Is the eagle claiming the sky or is your heart held in place?? Look closely. You will see the unexpected clouds of the El Paso morning against what has come to be known as a gentle place for my own heart... I love you Alice. Each item in our shop is hand thrown in studio, [...]

Breakfast Anyone?!

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Breakfast Anyone? This Speckled Olive and Lustrous Jade bowl and matching plate will certainly bring sunshine into your morning. Both pieces were hand thrown and fired in house. B-Mix clay comes together beautifully with food safe glazes to create this stunning set. While the piece is dishwasher safe, hand washing is likely best. Long term [...]

Wine Donut



This decanter (Wine Donut) was inspired by german vintage liquor bottles. This particular "donut" has been adorned by an ice crystal like pattern and then glazed with arctic blue glaze. Your decanter could grace a wedding table or accompany that special gathering or night "in". The decanter is approximately 8 inches across and almost 8 [...]

Navajo Minerals Hand Thrown Goblets From our Fire to Yours



From Fire to Fire... then to your memories... Hand Thrown Goblets from our studio to your home. Stoneware clay comes together with food safe glaze combination these goblets. This rustic combination of earth colors reveal a blue/violet shimmers that offer such an interesting combination... Sante Fe, family fire circles, sunsets, and haunting music all come [...]