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Project Description

Mocha Diffusion Red Tones

These mugs came about this summer as a result of experimentation with a fun, and sometimes frustrating process, called Mocha Diffusion. (~Reference information below.) The goblets were made and dried to “leather hard” and fired to bisque… The goblets were then dipped in slip and a mixture of color oxides and soy sauce were dripped around the sides. The goblets were then dried and dipped in clear glaze. Finally, they decorated with mid fire red glaze. All glaze combinations are food safe. Our “Fraternal Twin Goblets” proudly and boldly wear their new timeless glaze process.

Each item in our shop is hand thrown in studio, dried to leather hard, and then carefully trimmed. After trimming and drying each piece it is fired to bisque. Each glaze is then selected to work in harmony with the clay body, intended functionality, and other glazes. In this case the glazes used are food safe. The piece is fired at least once again….where unexpected magic can often happen and did in this case….

You will enjoy approximately 8 oz. of your favorite wine in each glass.

While the piece is dishwasher safe, hand washing is likely best. Long term dish washing can dull the outer surface over time. Each mug will be slightly different, contact shop for details.

As always we love custom orders to fit your own style and decor.

Approximately 7” x 3″ .

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