Project Description

Organic Dark Clay (Black Mountain) and Food Safe Glazes come together to complete the perfect rice bowl set.
They will be a lovely gift, the perfect addition to an intimate dinner party, or just a new acquisition to your collection of lovely things. These bowls are hand thrown and fired in studio. Black Mountain clay is lined with White Slip before bisque firing to enhance the glaze colors, and ensure the highest quality product. Before the last firing each bowl is carefully checked, stamped and signed. This particular design leaves the outside clay raw for a interesting texture to compliment glaze.

Each bowl measurement is roughly 5.5 inches diameter and 2 inches tall.

While the piece is dishwasher safe, hand washing is likely best. Long term dish washing can dull the glaze surface over time.

This set is ready to ship immediately. We are happy to customize this design to your specifications.

Project Details

Skills Needed: