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Texas Mud Dauber Pottery Studio


My absolute obsession with clay has filled a missing piece to LIFE. Having a Mom who suffers from mental illness has always changed everything, even when I didn’t realize my life was being molded. The short (and long) version of the story ends, as all good stories do,..Happily… The broken pieces of my life, were put back together like the broken pieces of a crock, thorough lots of hard work and practice. My sweet husband has built me a studio and dubbed me his “Little Mud Dauber”… Hence, our shop name:)

Texas Mud Dauber is a working pottery studio. All pieces are hand thrown and fired in house. Lessons, and workshops are offered here and locally in San Antonio. Commissions have been undertaken and are welcome. We look forward to working with you.

To promote and create meaningful relationships and positive experiences through art.

We will create and deliver beautiful unique pottery while providing excellent customer service.

We look forward to working with you and welcome extensive projects.  Our consultation process will provide you with an accurate shared vision of your finished product(s).

Meet Our Team

Danna Jo
Danna JoPotter
I love to create beauty from clay. CLAY=SANITY..END..Inspiration might unexpectedly come from bomber nose art or tattoos circa 1940, RumRill Era Red Wing Pottery, or the challenge of learning about Bonsai pots. Your pot is more that a pot. I am proud to have been married for 30 years now and was blessed to spend 20 years in the classroom. I am happy now to rescue dogs, throw clay, take care of Mother, and be with my husband and kids.
Larry Ray
Larry RayDeveloper
Glaze Developer, Right Hand, Safety Compliance Officer:)

Larry holds his Masters degree in Biology. After serving 20+ years in the Army as a CHEM/BIO/RAD and NUC Defense Specialist, Larry continues to serve as a civilian. His background and research ensures that the glazes we use and develop are safe.

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