She’s in a MILLION pieces!

So we were working the Lavender Festival for the first time. I was throwing in the booth and a big guy leaned down with a stone face and said, “Don’t screw it up!” He was very obviously an ex marine by his stature, demeanor, and seriously he really was carrying a big stick! The crowd drew in breath and I don’t know how I knew, but I without hesitation I started laughing at that rascal J.W. I worked with him to create a beautiful stein patterned after one that was in our china hutch from so many years ago. We worked on several iterations of logo and form. I finally got a call after mailing the finished vessel.
“Well”, he said grimly. “I’m sure she was beautiful, but there are about a Million pieces in this box!

I fell for it.. That rascal:) I hope dearly that he is using her to toast to his brothers past and present.

Thank you for your service J.W.
~Semper Fi

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