Mocha Diffusion

Mocha diffusion is a lovely very old ceramic process that may have started with potters spitting tobacco on newly thrown pots.  Research suggest the organic technique goes back to the late 1700’s… Find below a short collection of videos, articles, and web information from potters that are kind enough to share in depth research and and success with such an illusive affair.


Texas MudDauber Pottery – Goblets – Mocha Diffusion on Speckled Buff Clay

Texas MudDauber Pottery – Sangria Set – Mocha Diffusion &  Amaco Albany Slip Brown on Speckled Buff Clay

Kowalski Pottery You Tube

It is amazing to me that artist that take such time and effort to perfect beautiful things also take the time to share thoughts and tips for others like myself.  The below excerpt from Kowalski Pottery is fascinating and so much appreciated.

Kowalski Pottery Fantastic Article and Links to Other Articles

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